Regionale Strategies for Oman

The central government of Oman is working on the ONSS: ‘Oman National Spatial Strategy for 2040’. The ONSS leans heavily on the ‘Regional Economic and Spatial Strategies 2040’ (RESS) per governorate. Both projects are led by SCP, the Supreme Council for Planning.
SCP requested Royal HaskoningDHV to create the RESSs for the three governorates Musandam, Dhofar and Al Wusta. In total these govenorates cover well over half the area of Oman.

Important parts of the study are the economic analysis, to define the economic perspective of the governorates, and the spatial master plan, to guide the spatial future of the areas.
Next to this, also an extensive traffic survey was conducted, to see what transportations issues arise and how to handle these.

Stakeholder engagement is taken care of by us via multiple workshops, and an institutional capacity assessment is made. After the introduction of the Regional Spatial Strategy, the main institutions such as ministries will have an important role in the actual planning and land-use processes. Therefore the 7-s model of McKinsey was used to gain deeper insight in the institutional setting within the governorates of Al Wusta and Dhofar, and how roles and responsibilities are distributed. The focus of this review was on the on the current land-use planning system, how it functions on the regional (and local) level, how it is managed (in terms of human resource capacity, responsibilities and knowledge) and in what ways it could be improved.
After the general analysis and land use analysis, we prepared three economic and spatial scenarios. After alignment with the other RESSs for the other governorates on National level, and stakeholder participation by local governments, the preferred scenario will be drafted, in the end leading to the Regional Economic and Spatial Strategies 2040.

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