Eko Atlantic City, Lagos

New city center on a land reclamation


Eko Atlantic City is a new city center for Lagos, capital city of Nigeria, the biggest and fastest growing city in Western Africa. Eko Atlantic will be built on land reclamation in the Atlantic Ocean. The land reclamation has started in 2009, and will be finished in 2016. Eko Atlantic will combine residential, commercial, financial and touristic accommodations in a location serviced by a state-of-the-art high tech infrastructure. The new city targets 250,000 residents and 150,000 commuters.


The Master plan Eko Atlantic sets guidelines for future development. Main issues are transport and infrastructure, sea-defense, land use, regulations for development, water management and technical services. This project demanded a very fast and integrated process. Surveys, technical studies, marketing and designing the new city on several scales had to be executed simultaneously. A team of our specialists worked closely together in order to find adequate and innovative solutions for the high ambitions of the client and future inhabitants of Eko Atlantic City.






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