Odessa Dry Port Extension

odessa dry port

The Port of Odessa, the second largest trade port in the Black Sea area, is located almost in the historical heart of the city. It has no spatial reserve for growth with the exception of mud area in the proximity of the existing dry port. This project includes a development strategy for both the port and the logistic/industrial zone connected to the port.

The spatial relations between the City, the Trade Port and the Dry Port are of great importance. In this study, the focus was laid on the development opportunities and the economic potential of the Dry Port and the proximate vacant land up to the ring road in the North. The Dry Port plans were reviewed in terms of the relation to e.g. the infrastructure connections and the current port and industrial activities in Odessa. This strategic study serves as input for a potential alternative of urban master planning for the area between the ring road and the Dry Port.


Radim Gill

Radim Gill Ing.

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