About Us

Solutions to the Challenge

‘Royal HaskoningDHV – Urban Development’ focusses on spatial master planning, on regional and local level, and on landscaping infrastructure, utilities and industrial areas. ‘Urban Development’ provides the solutions to the ‘Urban Challenge’, and the related challenges of Water, Industry and Transport.

Our way of working

Characteristics of our way or working are close cooperation with you as client, dedicated project teams that are tailor made for your assignment, and a functional mix of comprehensiveness, creativity and innovation. The figure below shows the philosophy of our approach; a philosophy that has proven to work, resulting in realisation of our projects. The topics mentioned in this diagram show the many disciplines involved in our projects, and that are vital for master planning. Royal HaskoningDHV offers both the many experts, and the creative and pragmatic planners / designers.

2015-02-24_Schema Urban Masterplanning

Morality and beauty

We believe that the success of a society lies in social coherence and sound economics, and in the required spatial organization and planning. Citizens want to be proud of their city and country. At the heart of these desires are ethics and aesthetics, more commonly referred to as morality and beauty. We realize there is more than just science and engineering involved in creating great places.


Our clients appreciate our thorough and sound results, our innovative solutions, and the shorter completion times that our working methods provide. Our planners, designers and consultants, together with some 8,000 colleagues, are experienced and qualified in all aspects and scales of master planning, and topics such as sustainability, project management, implementation strategy, and stakeholder engagement.

Dutch planning tradition

The Netherlands is a small country only and is densely populated. In fact our country could be seen as a large city, with an economy rating in the top-20 world-wide, and an income per capita ranking in the Top 10. Yet, we manage to produce so much food that our country is the second (USA is number 1) exporter of agricultural products world-wide. Our urban landscape is famous for the many wetlands, making our country a paradise for wild birds. Half of our country lies under see level. We protect our water-resources and fight threats such as flooding, salinization, and shortage of water in dry summers. Our infrastructure system respects urban, agricultural and natural values but is valued very high in its effectiveness. In Europe our country is one of the main logistic centres, thank to e.g. the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam, and Schiphol Airport.

Kaart about us2

What is the secret of this successful urban – agricultural – natural – logistics landscape? Agreement on the common interest, respect for and optimal use of natural resources, continuous investments in infrastructure and, not in the last place: solid spatial planning.

The spatial planning for this region originates centuries back in the battle against the water, and in the business development initiatives of then independent cities. Over the centuries, the spatial planning system has been expanded and improved to one of the major national steering mechanisms. Our firm developed experience in planning all over the world since its foundation in 1881.